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Brain Day 2016's Top Scoring Posters:
Jesse Wood, PhD
Hyper-synchrony in medial orbitofrontal-ventromedial striatal circuits accompanies development of compulsive-like grooming in mice
Felipe Gomes, PhD
Prefrontal cortex dysfunction increases susceptibility to schizophrenia-like changes induced by adolescent stress exposure
Ian Mitch Taylor, PhD
Development of novel electrochemical sensors for the real-time in vivo detection of cocaine and dopamine
Ben Allen, PhD 
Diffusion imaging of the superior longitudinal fasciculus and the uncinate fasciculus and associations with dimensions of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder in adults diagnosed in childhood
Alexander Poplawsky, PhD
Vascular architecture with CLARITY suggests that contrast- enhanced high-resolution fMRI is dominated by microvessel dilation
Puja Parekh
Reduced excitatory synaptic plasticity of nucleus accumbens medium spiny neurons in a genetic mouse model of mania
Man Wu
New calcium channel gating modifiers with therapeutic potential that prolong channel deactivation and alter transmitter release at neuromuscular synapse
Sarah Najjar
Optogenetic investigation of epithelial-neuronal communication in the colon
Jongwon Lee
 Developlment of structural and functional connectivity of MNTB axon collaterals to the mouse superior paraolivary nucleus
Brain Day 2016's Crowd Favorite Poster:
Brandon Gillie, PhD

Comparison of adolescents with vestibular and anxiety clinical profiles following concussion


Here are the Brain Day 2016 poster session winners

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