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Helpful information for a successful Brain Day




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to contribute a poster?
    Pitt faculty members, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students who conduct neuroscience-related research are encouraged to contribute abstracts and posters. Postdoctoral associates and graduate students must be the first author on abstract/poster submissions to be eligible for prizes.
  • Can medical students and residents participate?
    Medical students are also highly encouraged to submit abstracts and posters under the graduate student category. Residents can participate as well, and fall under the postdoc category.
  • What are the key dates for submissions?
    September 7: Deadline for online submission of abstracts. TBD: Email notification of presentation times.
  • Can I submit everything electronically?
    Yes. You will enter your information here.
  • Who is eligible to win a Best Poster Award?
    Postdocs and graduate students who are first authors on submitted abstracts and posters are eligible to win Best Poster Awards.
  • How will winners of the Best Poster Awards be determined?
    Panels of senior faculty members will judge posters based on factors including research quality, poster appearance, and in-person presentation.
  • Can a trainee (i.e., postdoc or grad student) submit multiple abstracts/posters as the first author?"
    No, you may only be the first author on one abstract.
  • Can multiple abstracts and posters be submitted from a single laboratory?
    Yes, as long as 1.) the first authors are different for each poster, or 2.) if a trainee will present one poster and a senior investigator will present another with the same first author. No one can present more than one poster as a first author.
  • Can I submit a poster session proposal about a project for which I've also submitted a manuscript for publication in a journal?
    Yes, poster submissions for research that has been simultaneously submitted for publication are welcome, as long as you note the simultaneous submission in your abstract. *Note that our policy may differ from the journal or conference to which you'd like to make a simultaneous submission. Be sure to check with the editor or conference chair.
  • Will you accept submissions that have been presented in poster form at a previous conference?
    Yes, as long as the poster follows our format, which is the same as for submissions to the Society for Neuroscience conference.
  • What are the maximum dimensions of a poster?
    Size limits are the same for posters presented at the Society for Neuroscience conference: Six feet across (1.8m) by four foot high (1.2m).
  • Can I have an Internet connection or other electrical support?
    No. If your poster session includes electrical equipment, you will need to provide your own battery. No electrical support or Internet connections are available in the poster session area. In addition, we discourage audio-visual presentations that include sound.
  • I'd like to submit an abstract on which I am the first author, but I know I won't be able to attend the poster session. What should I do?"
    We prefer that first authors present their posters, but any co-authors on the submitted abstract may present.
  • What if I can't attend the poster session at the last minute?
    Please arrange for a backup person who will be able to present your poster if an emergency arises and you cannot attend. If you are not able to arrange a backup, please notify us as soon as possible at
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